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Be Sponsored with Pear program

Sponsorship, scholarship, donation, those words are not entirely new to me. Personally, i benefited on that kind of program since I  was a  part of scholarship program on my secondary years.  Having not to worry about your education or school needs is very important especially for children who are not that fortunate to afford schooling.

Pear  has the same mission, to provide and offer funding for your group, from  Custom apparel, gift cards and donations that can help your group in so many ways.  Some of their sponsors even offer awards for supporters who join in to support your group.

Their program involves approach of effective raising of money for the things your group or club needed for a certain event or competition perhaps. Their simple sharing tools make spreading the word and telling your group’s story online and off easy. Their tools harness the effectiveness of social media so that you can  reach and inspire more people to join in, and in return, a greater award can be received by your group.

Get Sponsored with Pear

What is Pear? Pear helps brands and communities build meaningful connections through sponsorship programs, gifts and awards, and more. We’re passionate about Marketing that Matters. We are a marketing platform that helps adult and youth groups, organizations and sports groups with finding sponsorships with large companies such as Ace Hardware, US Cellular, Verizon, Ritz Bits, Miller Lite and Stouffers. Pear is about raising money for the group or event by connecting with our brands/sponsors online. Our simple sharing tools make spreading the word and telling the group’s story online and offline, easy. The more members that each group reaches and inspires to join in, the greater the group’s award. Supporting groups or events are quick, easy and free. Pear is giving organizations FREE money for sponsorships!

Now, is the chance to get the sponsorship you needed. With Pear, you can find a sponsor in less than 60 seconds and activate your community to raise up to $1,000 or more toward donation, gift cards and custom apparel from a national brand or local business near you.

Click the link and learn more about how you can be sponsored; 

Get up to $1000 for custom apparel for your sports team from Side League at Pear. Men’s College and Adult teams only. Chicago only.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Affiliate links are provided, if you enrolled on their program, i get a small amount to help this site going. This site is not responsible for any decision you will make and I’m not affiliated on the said company.

Understanding the History Behind Punk Rock

Music has a powerful effect that can mold the minds of people and change the course of a culture within a society. In the 20th century, no form of music had a greater impact on the culture like punk rock. Punk rock was more than just a type of music. It was a sound that represented the ideologies of generations of people.

Punk rock began as an artistic movement. It was a way for the young generation of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s to express their frustration with society and with the culture that existed at that time. Over time, the effects of punk rock were felt in things like literature, poetry, movies, television, and art galleries. By the mid-1990’s, punk rock was something that was seen all around the world. Bands that were formed during the 1990’s are household names today. In just the course of a few decades, punk rock went from being a musical sound that defied the traditional idea of what music was, how it should be performed, and the rules that it should follow, and transformed into something that is considered mainstream. Now it is not uncommon to see women wearing punk fishnets on the streets.

Interestingly, for all of the impact that punk rock has had on society, very little has been written about its history. Much of its history is passed down through word-of-mouth. In fact, some would argue that society has as of yet not been able to codify what the word ‘punk’ means. Very little has been done to explore the effect that punk rock music has had on the languages around the world or the social makeup of individuals who form the core of the punk movement. Questions are left unanswered about things such as the role that women play in it, how it influences people who are outside of the culture, what effect it has had on ethnic minorities, and how the media’s perception of punk influenced the way that it is viewed around the world.

Something that is interesting about punk rock music is that although its influence is felt around the world, it is something that is essentially a part of American culture. While it is true that certain bands from Britain did bring sounds to North America that were later incorporated into punk rock, the culture as a whole grew up and came of age in the US. A study of the history of punk rock would reveal a lot about the evolving attitudes of society as a whole within the United States over the past few decades.