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Cabela’s Fathers Day Deals and Giveaway

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My father always taught me that, for someone to be happy in life you must stored your memory bank with beautiful happy memories so that when sadness occurs, you will find  joy within you.  That same principle is what my husband always tell us, he often says that happiness can be found not only on having everything but with the joy of sharing beautiful memories with your family.  That’s why we always make time to go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether it’s a visit to a nearby hill or trekking the mountain or walking along the shores of the beach, we make sure that we all had a great time and memories to keep.

That’s why every Father’s Day, me and my daughter would always find simple gifts for the great man in our life.  He was not a materialistic guy and his too frugal too that’s why we just buy the things that is necessary for him.

That’s why it’s a great timing to learn about Cabela’s Father’s Day Deals. Cabela’s understands that fathers just like mothers should be pampered too with the best gears you can find.  If your dads loves the outdoors and outbacks, their quality outdoor equipment would be perfect for them. Shop at Cabela’s Father’s Day Sale  and save up to 50%, this will be available from June 11 to June 21, 2015 and whether your dad is a shooter, fisherman, hunter, boat lover or perhaps your household great chef, you can definitely find the best gift for them by following their Father’s Day Gift Guide.


Looking at Cabela’s Father’s Days Gift Guide, i believe that my husband would be thrill to get this Eagle’s Camp Family Voyager 8-person tent.  He has been telling me that we should get one but it’s just that those we find in the mall is too small or to big for us. This tent would just be perfect and what’s more, a better value and my husband would be excited to get one.

To learn more about ideas on how your favorite man in your life would be happy, Check out Coupons .com for great Father’s Day deals and definitely you will find one or two or even many gifts that they would surely love and appreciate.  My personal favorite are the gifts for the campers and chefs.

Psst: Great Father’s Day sale starts June 4 through June 21, Father’s Day.  Also, don’t miss Free Shipping on clothing & footwear – $49 min starting June 4.

Now, here’s the best part. From May 28 to June 12, 2015, US /Canada 18 up, you can get a chance to win $300 Gift Card and can be used to find a great Father’s day gift from Cabela’s products. That’s really awesome, all you need to do is enter the rafflecopter below and make sure to finish all the requirements to get a greater chance on winning.

Goodluck and don’t forget to share this giveaway to your friends 🙂
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The Benefits of Brazilian Keratin for your Hair

Long, straight, silky hair is very pleasing to the eye. It makes a person look light, carefree, neat and pleasant. Having long and silky hair also helps in promoting self-confidence in one’s self.

Keeping the hair straight is easy. There are already a lot of available treatments out there. But a healthy and glowing straight hair is quite hard to achieve unless you use safe and reliable air products for your tresses.

Thus, here is where the Brazilian Keratin hair treatments from NuNAAT comes in. It offers an effective and safer way in keeping your hair long, straight, glowing and healthy.


Brazilian Keratin hair treatments have already proven their effective in the hair industry. The new technique that comes with the product allows you to have the hair of your dreams, minus the negative effects like hair fall, breakage, dullness and split ends. Your hair is safe from damage with NuNaat Brazilian Keratin based hair products.

Keratin is a type of protein and is found naturally in the hair, skin and nails, it does not change the structure of the hair, thus leaving your hair to regain its natural look. The keratin protein in the NuNaat Brazilian Keratin hair product relaxes the hair without damaging it. It also helps in making it shiny and healthy. It is like placing eggs or mayonnaise into the hair 1000 times minus the hassles and the mess.


Thought Brazilian Keratin treatments are proven to be safe and effective, a professional hair dresser or stylist is still necessary when applying the product. Doing so will ensure that your hair is being treated completely and properly during the process. Hair professionals have a clear understanding on how much and how long the Brazilian Keratin product needs to be in your hair for the best and most efficient result. NuNaat hair treatments are by far the most effective and safest straightening treatment for your hair.

How to get celebrity skin: best collagen in the market

Getting old should not be a dreadful experience. As years add up onto our age, what we should be gaining are experiences and happy memories. But with fine lines and dull skin developing as we age, it is an acceptable fact to fear the effects that comes with ageing. Everyday as we watched the television, we could not help but admire those pretty celebrities and how good their skin was.  There skins are glowing as if they were lucky to be born that way but then while following my favorite korean actress, she mentioned in one of her interviews that although she was born with silky white complexion, she also drink one supplements that help her to stay beautiful as she was.  She mentioned that she’s just lucky to have to many collagen in her body but later on she giggled and mentioned that she is drinking collagen to maintain her youthful look.

Collagen is one of the important structural proteins the body that keeps the skin, nails and hair of the body looking young and healthy. Unfortunately a normal health human being can only produce 10-20 amino acids, an amount less that what the body requires. Thus the importance of taking in amino acid supplements is required to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.This is also the same case with collagen. The amino acids in the body makes up the collagen required to maintain that youthful look and the supple and young looking skin we all desire to have.


What are the benefits of collagen to the body?

Collagen are fundamental bricks of the connective tissues in the body. It also promotes weight loss by burning fats. Regular intake of collagen products helps in retaining the youthful glow and tone of the skin, improves energy levels, enhances body composition and fights against ageing and join pains. These are just a few of the benefits one can get from taking in Collagen by You Theory. It also has Vitamin C that helps in the promotion of amino acids in the body.

Low production of collagen  in the body results to sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots, a few of the things we hate about getting old. This can be prevented and the effects of ageing can be hindered and delayed with regular intake of collagen rich supplements. When we reach adulthood, the production of amino acids and proteins in the body lessens, thus taking in collagen rich supplements becomes more of a necessity than a fad or a want.

Suggested use is 3 tablets twice a day but i drink only two tablets twice a day and in a two weeks time, i can see the difference.


Keeping the skin and the body healthy, as a whole requires discipline when it comes to exercise and the food that we take in, that is no secret of celebrities.  Taking in supplements and vitamins that will help in improving our body systems is also necessary to keep a healthy youthful glow inside and out if you wanted to be like them.

Rated as one of the Top Rated Collagen Nutritional Supplements and Best Sellers in Collagen Nutritional Supplements by, YouTheory Collagen is definitely worth checking out.

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May the Luck Be With You : Ralph Lauren Sunglasses Giveaway

As we celebrate the day for woman and mother’s all over the world.  Here’s an exciting giveaway sponsored by Sunglasseshop for all Fitness Fashion Freebies pretty subscribers and readers. Ralph Lauren Eyewear are timeless, chic and definitely for all fashionista. To know more about Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses, hop to my review about this timeless glasses.

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May the Luck Be with You! Make sure to do all the entries and come back for more chances to win. Please wait for the rafflecopter form to load.

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May the Luck Be with You

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