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Get Rid of Acne Fast and Forever

The skin is the biggest organ in the body and the one that is prone to acne and other outside forces that causes damage and irritation to the skin. Sometimes, no matter how hard one tries to eat a balance diet,  clean the skin or take in vitamins great for the skin, acne still exists.

Keeping the external portion of the skin healthy and looking great still starts from within and can be greatly improved by proper hygiene and exfoliation.  Facing Acne is no joke. That is why, you need someone that can help and provide you the best possible solution on treating acne before it becomes too severe.  Facing Acne website’s offers a comprehensive report of the different types of skin conditions, type of acne as well as the appropriate solutions for handling such. Their free e-book “Acne Free 1-2-3 by Robert Rister which you can found on the sidebar contains Treatment to Get Rid of Acne for Good can you help identifies this common types of acne as listed below;

 Facial Acne

Facial acne is the most common type/occurrence of acne and can take several forms. It can either be in the form of pimples, blackheads and in severe conditions, cysts. Unlike back acne’s the skin is much thinner in the face.

Back Acne

Body acne is a condition that is similar to that of facial acne. It can take several forms: pimples, blackheads, pustules and cysts. The only difference the two has is that the skin in the back is thicker than that of the face and often with larger pores. The bigger the pores are, the more severe the acne lesions are.


There is a wide variety of lupus. In some cases, the patient has to deal with swelling and joint pains or deal with fever and fatigue. But most cases of lupus deals with numerous skin rashes and lesions. This type of lupus that affects the skin is called as Cutaneous Lupus.


Eczema occurs when a superficial inflammatory occurring in the skin. These include redness, itching, minute papules, oozing and crusting in the skin. In severe cases, scaling, lichenification and pigmention also occurs in the skin.

The website contains approximately 400 articles that will help you know and determine which type of acne you have which is very essential in treating it properly and effectively. All information are Science-based and written by a best-selling author  Start addressing your acne problem.  Do the skin test today, just click the link that can be found on their top menu.

Splendies : Undies Monthly Subscription

Just like I always told myself, being sexy is a state of mind. You can be sexiness is not based just on your body figure but also with your thoughts and the apparel you wear. For me, wearing a nice intimate apparel makes me feel sexy every time I have them.  That’s one reason why i choose intimates with nice and cool designs and those that can make me and let me feel comfortable.


Undergarments makes you match your mood from the inside to the outside. It can also defines who you are as a person and how you view your life. Don’t think I’m a complicated person for bringing out this kind of thoughts but let me tell you that wearing a nice pair of intimates especially a pretty undies can make you feel pretty and confident too.  Although, it’s sad to think that I know some friends who don’t mind what undies they wear especially their reasoning that it won’t be seen anyway.  As for me, the time I have known and got married with my hubby, I always make sure that all my undergarments are looking pretty and sexy.

That’s why, when I have learned about Splendies, a subscription that offers three undies in a month, I can’t help not to smile and try it for myself. I love surprises and the fact that they offer three cute undergarments for just $13.99 , you can even save $4 on your first month makes it more interesting.

The undies contains in your package is a mix of boyshorts, bikini, thongs, lace, cotton with variety of styles and colors. No two packages are similar.  If your looking for feminine and sexy lingerie, this one will fulfill your wishes.

So, how does it work?

It’s very easy to subscribe and you can always opt to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive anymore.  If only my body is as sexy as this, i will definitely model it for you but since my mind is the only sexy thing, i will just let you imagine me wearing them and making this giggle and evil laugh that I always did.

To get your $4 off for your first month, make sure to use the promo code “SPLENDIES” and when you were there, don’t forget to mention that I sent you. I wouldn’t get something but it always makes me smile to learn that i get to influence my readers.

Birthday in a Box Toys Galore


While girls loves dolls and play houses, sons are definitely in love with big trucks and robots. My son is one of those many kids who love trucks and big cars and his toy box has been overflowing with different kind of cars.

He had been asking me to get him a truck for quite sometime but I have no luck on finding the right one.  But when I saw the collection of Toy Trucks at Birthday in a Box, i know that he will be happy to have one.   Honestly, i had a hard time choosing what to get since my son loves all of them.  But then, hubby and I decided to get this yellow loader for him.


This was really nice since you can remove both the front and back loader.  It looks really sturdy and very similar to the real thing.


The Bruder Toys company was a German company built by it’s founder Mr. Paul Bruderand and built way back 1926 and since then, Bruder is been creating quality toys and introducing  new products to its line of vehicles, promotional gifts and small toys.  Their toys will definitely last for a long time since they are made from quality materials and they  look definitely similar from the original big trucks.

My little boy was so ecstatic to play with his new loader and I’m definitely getting another one from Birthday in a Box.  On the other hand, this is just one of the many toys there are offering. Toys that every kid would surely love to have. To know more about their toys and other products, you can Like Birthday in a Box on Facebook.  You can have a merry toys galore and not just toys but also party items and materials too.


Coco Melody’s Budget Friendly Bridesmaid Dresses for your Wedding Day


Picking a bridesmaid dress for your wedding party is one of the most fun and exciting parts in preparing for your wedding. You get to bond with your best girls and just simply enjoy the fun that comes with picking the perfect style and color that will suit not only your wedding but as well as the personality of your vibrant bridesmaid.

In order to help you pick the right bridesmaid dress and make a fun memory about it, follow this two very important guides in picking the right dress for your bridesmaids.

1. Pick a color a little bit paler or brighter than your wedding motif

If you have a royal blue themed wedding, pick a lighter color for your bridesmaid dress. If you have a white themed wedding, go for pastels colors. The obvious contrast between your wedding theme and your bridesmaids dress will add a vibrant touch on your wedding entourage. It will also allow your wedding dress to stand out from the rest of the dresses featured on the wedding.

2. Experiment on different styles and cut for your bridesmaids dress

Your set of bridesmaids may have the same body type, thus allowing you to focus on a single gown type for their dress. Cocomelody offer various kinds of colors and styles of bridesmaid dresses under $100  that you can choose from.  Although, this is not the case in all circumstances. Some of your bridesmaid may be a little bit skinnier than the other or may have trouble spots and flaws that they would want to cover during your important day. Allow them to enjoy your wedding day as much as you do by featuring different dress cuts that works perfectly with their figure.

A darker color will suit a body type that is bigger than the usual while a lighter shade will make a skinny body type look just right. You can still do the opposite but be sure to go for a dress style that will suit the body type of your bridesmaids. Cocomelody have many options for all body types. You can opt to choose a high-waist gown that has a flowing skirt to hide big and small tummies and thighs. Add a little bit of shine and dazzle on the breast of the gown to divert the attention from the chest of your bridesmaid. This is also a modest yet very stylish design that will work well with any body type.

Whatever choices you chooses, the most important part is making them happy since their happiness is also your fulfillment.

Fitness Fashion & Freebies Easter Fabulous Giveaway

hippity hoppity

Easter is definitely eggciting and this giveaway is surely something you wouldn’t missed joining. You can also check out the other giveaways on the link hop. One winner will get a chance to win this fabulous and fashionable prizes, so make sure to come back everyday for more chance of winning.  This will definitely an easter fabulous giveaway.

Fitness Fashion and Freebies Sponsors :

Fricaine Efico Hobo Bag : ($98) This bag is made from 100% cotton using special wax printing technology.  To know more about this product, check out my review here;

Cate and Chloe VIP Box (1box – $39.99) Stylish jewelry for any occasion. Cate and Chloe VIP Box offers 2 jewelry each month.    Read my review here :

Please wait for the giveaway form to load. If you encounter problems or error, please do let me know so i can fix them at once.  Goodluck!

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ModCloth 1st-Ever Fit Shop in LA

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Got plans April 9-11? Well, you do now: ModCloth IRL! They’re hosting their 1st-ever fit shop in LA, where you can try on an array of items including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, & the requisite cat-printed pieces, meet the peeps behind the ‘screens’, get measurements taken by a pro, & more. Get all the deets and RSVP now on their event page!

I so love their fashionable clothes, so make sure to check them out.

Cate and Chloe VIP Box : Jewelry Subscription Box

With all the subscription boxes on the net.  You might get confused on what to subscribe.  If your not wise enough, you will find yourself subscribing on every brand you encounter. But there is always a good side on subscription boxes since you get the chance to have the products before hand and even get a huge savings if you happen to buy them individually.

Cate and Chloe Jewelry VIP membership offers subscribers to get a two pieces of designer jewelry with $200 worth  for $39.99 a month. 


Come to think of it, $200 worth of jewelry for just $40 a month? That’s definitely had a huge comparison in terms of savings.


The only problem with subscriptions is the fact that sometimes you can never get a chance to choose what you like but with Cate and Chloe Jewelry, you will never feel that your purchase is just a waste of effort and money since their choices of jewelry was definitely beautiful and something every woman would definitely want to have in their collection.


As for me, i was able to receive two pretty jewelries with an additional silver heart charm that makes my lips smile.

The Mary Motherly Necklace ($115) comes in a silver plated with CZ stone.

Olivia Dignity earrings (125) CZ stone


 The jewelries are so lovely that you can use it whatever occasion you will attend, from day to night event or even just a casual get together with friends or family.  Or if your looking for a Mother’s Day gift, i believe that this box is definitely a pretty idea to give them.  They would surely love this. 11016756_784685344914367_1051605229_nBeing a Cate and Chloe VIP member is very easy;

  • Sign UP – choose your plan to become a VIP member
  • Stylists selects jewelry – Jewelry sent will be handpicked by their expert stylists.
  • Receive – you will receive the hottest designs every month.

Notes: Free Shipping and you will get 20% discount on your purchase of other Cate and Chloe’s jewelries. (including sale items)

Follow Cate and Chloe Jewelry on Facebook

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Fricaine: Fashionable Exotic Bag

I guess woman was born to love Fashion. If you walk into any woman’s closet, you may found that one or two bags is not enough to satisfy their cravings for fashion but as you grow older, they say that you need to be wiser and learn to differentiate what are lusts and musts. I must admit that one of my weaknesses is beautiful bags.

Classic, sophisticated and exotic, these are just few of the words that can describe Fricaine bags.  Inspiration of this bags comes from the traditional and eclectic expressions of identifiable native fashions of Asia, Europe, Africa and U.S. and from this unique blends of quality fabrics, they have redesigned and interpret it into a colorful , authentic custom-made handbags that is surely world class quality and luxurious at its bests.


 But unlike the luxurious brands Fricaine bags are definitely within your budget and even offer free shipping for orders over $59. What’s more interesting is the method that was used on creating this handbag.  This Fricaine Lagosian satchel bag which is just like other bags in their creation was made from high quality synthetic leather and it’s body was from 100% cotton using special wax printing technology to create this diversity of  colors.


The interior design has a custom made lining with the brand name on it. It has a roomy space and accommodate most of your things especially for someone like me who used to bring a lot of stuff.


You can see and feel that this handbag was created with a main passion of creating a fashionable high quality unique bag that every owner can be proud of.  I believe personally that this brand will reach a greater heights.

Know more about Fricaine Bags and Accessories by visiting their website today.  Upon purchase, you can also use this code FRICAINE30 to get a 30% discount.  But wait, here’s the good news, Fricaine is very generous to offer one of my reader to get a chance to win a beautiful Fricaine Effico Hobo Bag, giveaway posts will be up on Monday, so make sure to check back again.