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E-cigarette : A great way to beat the habit

Studies shows that smoking is still the number one preventable death, CNN reports that “443,000 Americans die from smoking-related illnesses every year, according to the U.S. Department of Health” and although many advocacy and drives have been done to help smokers to quit the habit, the urge to smoke is still greater.

I have been complaining about hubby’s smoking habit.  There are no days that I have been trying to educate him and lecture him about how smoking can affect his body and that it is bad for his health and even goes to the extreme of telling him that he has two little kids depending on him but I guess, even though he was that enthusiasm, he still could not kick the habit of smoking.

I don’t know what’s with that tobacco that many people couldn’t remove it on their system. I’ve tried it once in my high school years since many of my friends are doing it but I wouldn’t dare to try another stick because it makes me dizzy and i have the smell it leaves in my mouth and even in my clothes (Ooh, i’m very particular on the smell of my shirt)

Now, Vapourlites eCig introduce me with their starter kit, the best gift you can give for someone who wanted to beat the habit of smoking thus trying electronic cigarette as an alternative. As it mentioned, the tobacco flavor is very realistic and was designed  to mimic the taste of real tobacco blends.

e-cigarette kit

The cartomizer produces vapour which give a realistic hit on your throat seems like replicating the feeling of smoking only without the smoke.  So, i guess if your only after the feeling of smoking, this e-cigarette is perfect for you. This products are manufactured in UK laboratories giving the assurance of high quality products.

vapourlites e-cigarette

The kit comes with a  HG7 Polymer Lithium battery, a USB charger and 2 Cartomizers which equivalents to 80 tobacco cigarettes. So, if your average consume of 6 a day, then you can use this for atleast 13 days which is more affordable than buying the real tobacco cigarettes and what is far more important is saving your lungs and body on possible future health problems and even death.

Well, the verdict would always be upon my husband and to you who are chain smokers, if you would accept the change whole heartedly, this alternative is a great way to ultimately beat the habit of smoking .  This is the time to regain your life and be healthy.

So far, it seems that his getting the hang on it.  I guess positive motivation can really work wonders.  To know more about Electronic cigarettes, you can always check  . Help save lives today, give a gift of life, LOL. (it’s funny but i’m not laughing since it’s a very serious matter. )

Black Friday Deals and Black Friday Giveaway from

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons. com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic . #blackfridaydeals #BlackFridayGiveaway

Each year, I think the most awaited event is Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, it is because of the fact that it was really a great chance to grab the lowest price and best deals in stores and online shop.  I know some friends who even save for few months so they can spend them all during their thanksgiving shopping.

I love shopping but i dreaded the sites of too many shoppers. It always makes me feel dizzy and sometimes suffocate me.  The worst part is I might throw up, that’s why I always don’t go to busy places with lots of people. I always prefer shopping online and taking the advantages of Black Friday online sale since the collections are also endless and i get to save from fuel and effort of going through long lines but the best part is I can celebrate thanksgiving with my family since I believe that thanksgiving should really be giving thanks for the things you have.


Last year, i was able to grab some pretty fashionable things for me and my kids. Dress, Keds for half a price, pretty hand bag for 30% off and lots of chocolates for a very reasonable and awesome prices but the best purchase I have ever made last Black Friday is this beautiful white Timex women classics with swarovski crystal and leather strap watch. The original price is $54.95 but i got mine for only $19.99 that’s more than 70%.

Talking about value for money and fashion forward purchase, you should also check out Black Friday Giveaway. By joining, you get the chance on the daily instant prizes just by spinning the wheel.  I tried it but it seems I’m not lucky today but the be1st part is I’m still eligible to win the $10,000 Grand prize.  That’s a lot of money and you will definitely have a grand shopping spree.

I definitely love giveaway, i hope I can be lucky next time.  Going back to Black Friday deals , the Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff  is a must read to find deals, it’s a great  resources  for everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping and of course finding the best fashion deals for every fashionista. I read about the black friday sweepstakes and some tips to help me survive the Black Friday shopping.  I love coupons, any frugal mom like me would always love to have an extra discount because once it’s accumulated will be a lot of savings.

 photo Black-Friday-Shopping-Infographic_zpsd9ab7faf.jpg

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands and eyes ready. Check out the best deals for this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday as early as now, so you know what to purchase and you save time browsing. As of today, i already have some few in my cart, so when the time comes, all I need to do is to click that purchase button. Remember to enter the black friday giveaway, you can check daily through December 7.

Christmas Gift Giveaway

Christmas Gift Giveaway 2014

Welcome to the Christmas Gift Giveaway from My Starlight Blessings Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2014. Christmas is a time for gift giving and a time for showing our loved ones how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Christmas is also a time for winning giveaways!!

Plasmart Squashed Game
Wild Kratts Toys
imagesA blue orange Spot It Disney Frozen imagesA
Brieftons Instant Veg Spiral Slicer

Enter for your chance to win a Plasmart Toys “Squashed”, a blue orange “Spot It Disney Frozen”, The Orb Factory “Pulsar Powerballs”, Wild Kratts Activate Animal Power 2-Pack – Lion & Wild Life Plush – Spot-Swat and Briefton’s Instant Veg Spiral Slicer. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure My Starlight Blessings and Fitness Fashion & Freebies are not responsible for prize fulfillment on the giveaways. (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to the sponsors for providing the prizes for the giveaway. Choice of winners through giveaway tools and opinions are 100% my own and are NOT influenced by receiving a product. The Winner is subject to eligibility verification.” The winner has 48 hours to reply back to the email or a new winner will be selected. The giveaways are not associated with any social media they are shared on.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide from ModCloth

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‘Tis the season for gifting! And ModCloth wants to help you find the perfect presents for everyone on your list with their 2014 Holiday Gift Gift. Shop using their handy categories, or check out presents inspired by trendsetting bloggers, including A Beautiful Mess, Oh Joy!, Girl with Curves. Utterly unique and endlessly fab.


Their vast collection of utterly unique gifts is the perfect place to find something to wow your favorite gal (or guy)! Plus there is always something fun on sale, be sure to check back often – This 2014 Holiday Gift guide from ModCloth is definitely a must see.  Check out their site before the sale runs out and find some pretty fashionable things for your love ones.

The beauty of life #BeautyAsIAm

I might say that things are not in accordance with what I have wished and hoped for but nonetheless, I am very thankful that after all the trials and adversary, I am still holding on and looking proud as ever.

There are days that I feel I’m like a tiger, ready to grab all the opportunity that comes in my way. My head is up and high as if saying that I have the mighty power in my hand, ready to face anything and everything.

My life is definitely different 10 (ten) years ago.  Before, I used to be a simple working mom, juggling work and kids  but thankfully, blogging becomes part of my life and it was never been the same.  Blogging brought me many things, open a gateway for me to know more about myself and my passion in life. The once ugly duckling is now a full grown woman showing the world what she can do.

Although, I could not consider myself as a real fashionista nor a beuty, I have my own style and charm and the most important part is I know what I am capable of. We are all beautiful in our own way, “she’s just a pretty face” is an absurd word, for me having beauty is nothing if you don’t have the brains and you don’t know how to value the things you have in your life.

But still considering that this post is about giving gratitude to your outer beauty, I must say that I am proud to have a pretty eyes, it’s not big nor small it’s just a perfect almond shape with brown shade and combined with a not so pointed nose. 

Before i used to envy those who have small lips but later on, I comprehend that many girls to have a large lips like the models who used to pout their lips.

 I am uniquely me, sometimes I can be erratic, sometimes cheerful and funny but one thing is for sure, I always have an ear for everyone, i can listen and I do listen well. I can be your good friend  and I know how to appreciate and value friendship. The beauty of life is definitely something worth thankful for, I am beautiful, more than words.

Holiday Shopping Guides: Jabra Sports Wireless- The Ultimate Sports Headset

Make the most out of your listening experience with Jabra, your one stop shop when it comes to your listening needs.

I have always on the look out of headsets that I can use during my fitness routines and while doing some running now and then. Who would not want to enjoy working out with superb sound on your background minus the hassles that comes with uncomfortable headsets and ear phones with the durable, handy and on the go which  Jabra sports wireless offers. Now, I can run and worry no more about dust, rain and ant other unforgivable weather. The Jabra sports wireless is definitely a reliable partner in achieving my sports and fitness goals and definitely every fitness enthusiasts favorite.

Jabra also offers several wireless earphones that come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll definitely find one that will suit your needs and your personality.  My initial thoughts about this product is that the sound quality that  this brand can be very proud of.

Going wireless can sometimes affect the quality and the clarity of your sound. Worry not with Jabra because your listening needs will never be compromised with the innovative and modern wireless technology present on their product. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this great listening device.


If you are tired of losing your expensive earphones while on the run? Jabra sports wireless features locks that will not fall out.  However intense your workouts maybe, you’ll never have to worry about your ear phones anymore. This listening device boasts of a reliable lock that will stay in place at all times whatever your movements are.

Experience the best sounds and listen to your favorite workout background music with Jabra sports wireless. Your listening pleasures are definitely within your reach with Jabra.  Priced at $99.99, it’s value for money and considering the fact that they can bring you a lot of ease while having your favorite fitness routine is definitely a good catch.

Now, here’s the best part.  Jabra is very generous to offer one of my readers a chance to try the same product i have featured above.  So, better stay tune for the details and mechanics.

Meanwhile, you can visit their website to learn more about their products and also like them on facebook to follow the latest news.

Holiday Gift Ideas : The Original Knirps


I remember the poem my grandmother wrote and here’s some of it’s wordings, “I hope you can be my umbrella, someone who can shield me from tears and pain”.  When I received this pretty umbrella, I remember the time I have with my grand mother. She’s my shield from all the pain and she was there during happiness and sadness.

As time goes by, the things around us also evolves from it’s humble beginning to a worldwide known innovation. Knirps is one great example of how an invention can move people. Honestly, i have never known that they are the one who invented  the folding umbrella.  Knirps from Germany set the world standard for pocket umbrella with their wide selection and different styles.

Did you know?

The word Knirps actually means “little one” in German, and ever since the company invented the folding umbrella in 1928, it has set the worldwide standard for designing umbrellas that are not only “little,” but fashionable and durable as well.

Ultra light and pocket friendly those are just the two things I always look for my umbrella. Something that is compact yet sturdy and can handle  even a windy day but also would not compromise it’s style.

Since 1928, Knirps boasts and pride a legacy of precision German engineering. Here are some signature qualities of Knirps umbrella  that you ought to know:

  • Made from super-strong steel or high-grade aluminum, lined with zinc for additional strength and flexibility
  • Ergonomically comfortable
  • No-slip grip provides secure hold when wet
  • Repels water with unique flat-weave polyester
  • Flex with the wind from any direction
  • Can flip completely inside out and back again – good as new

Just reading those qualities and characteristics could make me a believer but it’s not done yet, the fact that the company vows to meet modern environmental protection requirements and has strict guidelines for recycling and waste management makes me more proud of knowing this brand. It’s not a surprise for me that they are awarded in Germany as brand of the century since their achievements is more than enough proof for such a prestigious commendation.


 Knirps umbrella are definitely something worth having during sunny and rainy days.  Their quality and durability is enough proof to be a proud owner of this umbrella.

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Holiday Deals : New Holiday Arrivals at Tea Collection

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Are you looking for fashionable dress for girls and boys.  Definitely, Tea collection can help you prep-up your little adorable ones for the coming holiday season.

It’s just nice to see them dress up in a pretty little rompers with matching mary jane shoes or perhaps in this bright red cardigan for the cold fall.

Check out this hottest styles for girls and boys:

Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Girls

Or show your boys hip style and show their handsome side with this yellow stripe shirt .

Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Boys

Each style is definitely worth buying.