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ModCloth Open Casting Call

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Fashion mavens, rejoice! ModCloth is inviting you to come showcase your unique style at their #FASHIONTRUTH Casting Call for ALL event in New York City on September 3rd.

All you have to do is show up in your cutest outfit and you could be featured on ModCloth and across their social platforms. Anyone and everyone is invited, so if you’re in the area, grab your friends and go — this is an event you won’t want to miss! Head to the ModCloth blog for more details and RSVP info.

This is indeed one interesting event, so make sure to check them out.

Unique Bags with Summer Flair


With Labor Day right around the corner, summertime is officially drawing to a close. No longer burdened with the requisites of expensive textbooks or hordes of markers, notebooks and colored pencils, us ladies are free to dote upon ourselves with findings from the ever-popular end of summer clearance rack. This is the perfect time to start eyeing cute, summery apparel to rock during the last few weeks of warm weather and set the foundation for a fantastic closet of accessories next season. In honor of this welcomed shopping spree, I’ve created a list of some of the most gorgeous and eccentric handbag collections that keep us in the spirit of beach waves and sunshine.

stylish bags

Courtesy of CC Skye

Summer is the time for barely-there ensembles, and this season, girls couldn’t get enough of see-through accessories! These clear clutches and shoulder bags from CC Skye are tailor made for fun weekends out on the beach or drinking in the city life.


Courtesy of

Looking for something that’s incredibly unique? Anuschka handbags and wallets are the very definition of the word! Each is hand painted on leather, with gorgeously intricate scenes ranging from blooming flowers to animal prints that emulate a vibrant, watercolor vibe.

j crew bags

Courtesy of J.CREW

There’s a huge movement surrounding a back to basics attitude that features organic and nature-inspired materials and motifs – and it’s just not the same toting around these goods when everything is cold and hibernating! Now is the best time to grab a bag from J. CREW, as these straw market totes are the quintessential beach accessory.


Courtesy of

Fill your last few weeks of heat with brilliant neons and bold primary colors. Bonus points if you integrate them into stunning visuals, like the silk screen prints sold by designer Jacque Pierro! These totes and fat bottom bags feature blossoming florals and fun images sure to make any outfit unforgettable.

How do you plan to spend the last few weeks of warm weather?

Guest Post by Mandi Beccerra 

How to avoid injuries Working out

If you recently started or are thinking about starting a fitness program, it is wise to learn about the potential injuries that can occur and what steps you can take to easily avoid them. By taking a few preventative measures, you can safeguard your physical health.

Listen to your body

Most injuries happen because people fail to listen to their bodies. Generally, individuals who are  beginning their regime initially ramp up the intensity levels too quickly instead of building up slowly over time. This is less-than-ideal, as this increases the likelihood of pulling or ripping a muscle.  It’s wise to consult with a doctor prior to starting your routine so they can inform you of whether there are any parts of the body you should be gentler with. Furthemore, refer to a trainer to show you proper form. If an activity genuinely hurts, stop doing it immediately, as pain is nature’s way of telling you that you are harming yourself. If you have a previous injury or condition, let your doctor and your trainer know so they can adjust your training program and advise you on how to get the most out of your workout.

Proper Stretching

Focusing on flexibility and mobility is one of the best things you can do for your body. Having a regular stretching routine will allow your body to gradually increase its range of motion and decrease the risk of injury while working out. Stretching will also allow your body to adjust to your workout routine faster by increasing blood flow to the muscle and reducing lactic acid buildup; reducing the recovery time and your chances of suffering a workout injury.

Stretching after your workout is equally important; by allowing yourself 5-10 minutes of stretching after a workout you’ll be reducing the effects of DOMS (Delayed on-set muscle soreness) and your body will benefit from both psychological and physiological effects.

Wear the Correct Type of Shoe

Not all fitness shoes are created equal; our gym classes back in high school led us to believe that we can just wear a basic fitness shoe for most physical activities. Truth is, shoe technology has greatly changed the way we perform and recover. At the very least you should have a good pair of running shoes that has been specially picked for you. Most athletic footwear stores will gladly analyze your stride, arch and foot dimensions and recommend a shoe that will allow you to avoid injuries by adapting to your specific workout habits. If you suffer from under-or-over pronation, make sure you wear corrective footwear or specialized orthotic inserts in order to prevent common conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment

A new piece of workout machinery can be fairly intimidating, as can asking for help. Don’t make assumptions about how the equipment works, as this is one of the most common ways injuries occur in gyms. Make sure to look for instructions posted on the machine and, if there is any ambiguity, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for further elaboration. By following these simple steps you can prevent both short and long term injuries while also getting the  most of your workout. Provide your own personal tips in the comment section below.

Affordable Shopping at 10DollarMall and a giveaway

Who doesn’t love to shop?  But with the way of living comes other responsibilities too. So, it’s always best to choose products and brands that within your budget .  Affordable but definitely good quality and fashionable that’s what I always have in mind when I buy something new for me and my family.

Online shopping has become a trend this days.  For some reason, shopping online is more convenient for working moms and busy teens (also) who has limited or no time to go to the mall to waste hours of roaming around finding what you should buy and ending nothing on your cart.


You know that make up especially lipstick is one of my obsession, it’s my kryptonite and just thinking about  it makes me smile.  So glad that I found a new site that offers one of my favorite brand of cosmetics.

 10DollarMall, the name itself says it all.  Yes, everything in this site is $10 dollars and even sometimes less than.  What’s so nice about this site is they offer different products not just for women but for men and little kids too. Their clearance items does not mean less quality, the products i received was indeed superior. I love this white fitness jacket, it would be perfect while I’m running on a hot summer day.


Refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends without sacrificing your budget. 10DollarMall has a variety of stylish and affordable women fashion collection from shoes, bags, accessories and even make ups.  You can also grab something for your kids, a nice pieces of tops and bottoms or find a gift for your husband with their affordable collection of male watches and accessories.

Quality and affordability that’s something 10DollarMall is known for.  Affordable shopping is definitely every mom would love to do. You can also choose the method of  shipping but if you opt to choose free shipping, the waiting is definitely worth it.

Here’s the best part, 10DollarMall is giving away $50 worth of online gift card to one of my readers.  Yes, you get the chance to choose your favorites and it’s very easy to do. Just enter the giveaway below.