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Beautiful White Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Having  pearly white teeth, that’s something we all wanted to achieve but as years goes by those once pearly teeth had become yellowish because of different circumstances and our foods intake that stains them.  Having a complete white teeth is very important to keep that smile sweet and wide.  Of course, you don’t want to limit your happiness because your a little bit shy since you don’t want  to expose that not so good teeth.

Before, one of the main reason why I could not show my teeth when pictures are taken is the fact that my front teeth are broken and stains are visible on some part. It’s to late for me to realize the value of taking care of my teeth but then there’s always hope as they say.

There are ways to maintain that pearly white teeth but then it takes a lot of patience on your part from brushing, careful cleaning, regular visits to your dentist and not eating those foods that will leave stains on your teeth.

For some, they even invest a huge amount of money and time to get their teeth whiten again by going to the dentist for  bleaching or professional teeth whitening service , a process that can cost thousand of dollars. Other toothpaste company make promises that when you used their certain product, your teeth will be whiten in a week or so but still it doesn’t work that way.

smile brilliant

But still, one should not lose hope of getting back that beautiful perfect smile right in the comfort of your own home.  That’s where Smile Brilliant LEd whitening system comes to the rescue.

Providing a custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and whitening gel straight from the lab which you can used in the comforts of your home.  There LED teeth whitening system is a great alternative to bring that pearly white teeth you have been wanting to achieve.

smile brilliant led whitening system

Budget friendly, effective and easy to use, the Smile Brilliant Led whitening system can give you wonders .

Here’s a quick guide on how to use your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit;

step 1

  • After opening the light battery cap, you need to remove the plastic disc .  Insert the battery back facing up.

whitening kit,

  • Extrude the Gel by removing the cap to expose the brush tip applicator. Pull off the teeth whitening pen cap and twist the bottom of the whitening pen counter clockwise to move the whitening gel to the tip of the pen.


( The instructions says that it make take up to 30 or 40 twist to get the gel flowing)

brighten your teeth

  • Next apply the whitening gel by spreading it evenly to your teeth and the gums like painting a beautiful art work.  (don’t worry there’s no mention of how much you can put but then it’s already up to what you can take since you need to be careful that your lips should not touch your teeth and keeping your saliva during this process).  P.S.,  just don’t mind my cracked lips.


Turn the light on by pressing this button.  (you need to press hard for the off button to work though)


  • Insert the protective lip guard on your teeth (although i was not able to take the picture of it but you can see them on the picture)  Then the last part which when you place the LED light in front of your teeth .  Don’t rub the light on the lip guard so that the gel would not go out of place.  Let the light stays on your mouth for about 20 to 40 minutes.  (Although you may see in the picture that it was very near to my mouth but a distance should be maintained, i just could not take the pictures on my side.

The whitening gel can be used for several times.  I repeated the process for three times and I see visible result.  Now,  i’m all ready to put my best smile with my beautiful white teeth.


Before – Note:  two front teeth has dental crown & bridge respectively












The Laser Teeth Whitening with LED Accelerator Light can be bought for $69.95 on their website but it was for sale for a discounted price of  $39.95.

my recent pic with hubby

my recent pic with hubby – now, I’m not afraid to show my teeth anymore  🙂

Ingredients: 4ml of teeth whitening gel pen contains , 22% carbamide peroxide, 

Check out this video here to learn more about this LEd whitening product.

T.L.C. VoxBox – What every MOM would love

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  I guess everybody here would really want to have new things for free.  Yes, beside being a certified contest addict, I love getting free stuff and I’m so happy to be a part of Influenster who sends free new products as part of their bloggers program.

Although, i’m a newbie in influenster, I’m very happy that it was introduced to me by fellow blogger friend and yes I’m already reaping the benefits and this would be my second #VoxBox from them and hoping for many to come.

This month, I received this TLC VoxBox especially boxed for moms like me.

influenster tlc

TLC box includes :

Shell Fuel Rewards Network :  With their reward program, you never pay full price again because every time you fill your tank, you get rewards or equivalent points and get to accumulate them for a free oil.  That’s totally awesome.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences :  This is for all sweet tooth out there and I guess, the whole family would love to have a delicious ice cream especially during sunday night movie time.

Puffs to Go –  I’m definitely a fan of tissue and i always have them in my bag.  This one is a great addition to my new favorites. Definitely handy.

Neosporin Neo to Go : Being a mom means your always ready for anything and everything.  this Neosporin Neo to Go is your ultimate solution for first aid relief in case a minor accidents happen while your out.

Ivory Bar Soap : Original Bar,  i love it’s cover and yes I have been a loyal user of ivory, it’s gentle to kids skin and for mommy too.

Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother :  Aging skin, this one is indeed a nice solution to hide  those wrinkles coming from different stress in our life. Indeed Avon made it possible again this time.

This box was definitely wrapped with tender loving care for moms like me.  What do you think of this TLC VoxBox from inluenster?  Leave your comments below and i will definitely appreciate them.

Rio Soul – Functional Barefoot Style Shoes


Inspired and born in Ipanema, Brazil.  Rio Soul is an inspiration of the  beach life while appreciating the beauty of sunset and starry nights.  It’s an answer to a dream of passion to give and  for the world to know the beauty of Brazil.

Different from it’s contemporary, Rio Soul gives a new level of comfort by creating their shoes from breathable fabric, soft sole and light weight materials to make it super flexible but this does not mean that the shoes is less of quality but instead it exceeds my expectation.

Converting a ballerina slippers into a fully function shoes is definitely a genius innovation especially if that is something you can wear on your daily fitness routine like when I’m doing my zumba and  pilates and I think even yoga. This functional barefoot style shoes have been trending this days and many fitness enthusiasts are now into it and I’m just happy to be a part of that growing community.

What I love about Rio Soul  shoes is their simple yet attractive design and the combination of each shoes and yes not to forget, the comfortable feeling of wearing them.


Now, that the Fifa World Cup in Brazil had just began,  I think it’s a great idea to know products that shows the vibrant culture of Brazil, i believe that it’s a perfect timing and indeed a great opportunity to learn a part of them. Visit their facebook page to learn more about their shoes.

read my full disclosure here.

Fashion Accessories for Less

Fashion forward individuals are well aware of the advantages of having accessories as part of your outfit. Some looks are really incomplete without the proper accessories on. Having the right bangle that matches with your watch or the right earring for the new blouse you just bought yesterday or a hat that will work well with your dress fashion accessories for less. As your wardrobe grows and as your closet gets filled, getting the right accessories for every item you have in your fashion collection becomes a necessity.

You do not practically have to worry about this because there are a lot of cheap accessories out in the market that will suit and will make your outfit of the day. From bangles to earrings, rings, brooches, even bags and hats. You will definitely find an affordable accessory with good quality and that would last long as well. You can check out for affordable accessories that can make you look pretty. 

The demand for accessories has increased gradually throughout the years because of the increase of individuals getting passionate about fashionable clothes and outfits. Malls, stalls and even online shops sell fashionable and affordable accessories. So the next time you buy new clothes and dresses, go and find an accessory or two that will match with your clothes and would make your outfit of the day complete.

World Cup Fashion : Fifa Brazil 2014

With the FiFa world cup coming very soon, I can’t help but notice the colors associated to it.

Red, yellow , green and  blue, it is indeed a beautiful colors that represents this year’s 2014 Fifa World Cup.

These block dainty colors associated to fashion could create a beautiful ensemble of clothes/apparel.  I found this creation in the net from Ralph Lauren collection and it definitely signifies the colors of this recent Fifa world cup.

Known for their colored shirts and designs, Ralph Lauren collection is indeed perfect for any occasion.  Be bright and bold with this following clothes.


The blue and green with a tint of yellow creates a blend of harmony that is pleasing to the eyes and definitely perfect as a riding outfit for those who loves the wild. Truly a world cup fashion inspired.


Ooh, I could not help not to fall in love on this green dress, although I don’ know if i can pull this through with my overly huge body now.  But the bag and the sunglasses is totally awesome .

Become a Stylist and get free accessories at Stella & Dot

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Why can’t work be fun and fabulous? Well it can! You can get free accessories, trips to amazing destinations and join a warm community of inspiring women, all when you become a Stella & Dot Stylist.

They have fabulous accessories for you to share by having trunk shows – online or in-home! You have the potential of earning extra spending money or a six figure income, it’s up to you! And to make this deal even better, now through the end of June, when you sign up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist, you will get an additional $100 ($450 total) in free accessories! All you have to do is sell, they take care of everything else.

For additional details and to sign up, visit:

Tea Collection’s Semi-Annual Sale: Up to 50% Off Entire Morocco Line

Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

We all love sales and yes, Tea Collection’s Semi-Annual Sale is featuring the entire Morocco line at up to 50% off! , it’s the time to party , barbecue on your backyard with a lots of friends and chatting all day long. 

Tea Collection’s Morroco line features bold and brilliant hues found in the Marrakech medina.  Sounds exciting?  You definitely need to check it out to learn more about it.

And now, all of these beautiful styles are on sale—desert and surf inspired graphic tees for boys, twirly patterned dresses for girls, colorful floral onesies for babies and more—all filled with the magic of Morocco. 

I have always love Morrocan style and this will definitely flare up your desire on everything pretty.

Sweet Life with Nectar Sunglasses

Enjoying life, that’s something we are entitled to do. That’s the same goal  of Nectar Sunglasses, they believe that each individual has to do what they love to do and do things they intend to do.  Spreading the sweetness of life with this concept in mind, they encourage each of us to pursue the things we love to do.

Whether your a simple woman who wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature or someone who ventures on life thrilling sports or perhaps a party animal who enjoys the company of friends.  It’s up to you to find your own enjoyment and realize what you meant to do.

With this advocacy, they introduce sunglasses that every individual can relate and bring your inner ideas and desire.  Whether it’s a simple gathering or a grand event, it’s  Nectar’s goal  to spread the sweet life you so deserve.

love nectar sunglasses

Each sunnies represent something about you or the things you desire to achieve.  Like this aviator desperado ,  They say that “there’s just something that feels so good about being bad.” and yes, there are times that I just want to be bad in anyway and forget all the goodness inside me and break some rules.  There are days that I want to shred out the sweetness in me and be cruel to all the people who wronged me.

10414498_662283080487928_1467082433691638586_nI guess that would be a different version of me, perhaps wearing this would give me the jive and have the time of my life.

Now, you can get this lovely sunglasses for a discounted price.  Just visit their site today and get %10 off by using this coupon code,  lovenectar on your cart before check out.

WGWT – Fashion site for fashion lover

A fashion community for people who loves fresh idea.  This site would be a nice platform for those who love to learn the latest fashion and trend every season.

Users get the chance to interact with each other as well as to know people who shares the same interest.

I joined the site but was not able to browse it more but I’m definitely coming back to check out the different things that I can do so i can gain ideas and knowledge .

so for those who love to know the latest trend in fashion today,  visit WGWT and be a member today.

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Make your own book with Blurb

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On the other hand, Let me introduce to you, Mostafa Keyhani, an extraordinary painter. Drawing from the Impressionist tradition, his work is alive with color and texture as he uses thin washes, areas of bare canvas, and thick impasto to impart an expression of organic life. While his paintings fetch high prices in galleries across the United States and Canada, his self-published books give each of his fans a chance to own his art. Keyhani is a Canadian resident born in Iran, and has had a journey as fantastic as his art. In this video, Blurb captures a glimpse at Keyhani’s remarkable creative process. Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own book with Blurb.

Such an interesting story,  I’m no painter and my hands are not born with a golden touch, drawing might not be a thing to me but I surely know how to create a nice book  and collage. 

Swish for a Long Lasting Freshness

Minty meets fruity that’s what Swish Mangosteen feels like in your mouth which when you gargle twice a day just not help you fight bad breath and prevent gingivitis and plaque but also gives you a  long lasting fresh breath all day long.

swish mouthwash

It is not just our teeth that needs proper care, our entire mouth needs to be well taken care too especially that in a day, we often open our mouth not just to talk but also for some other purposes.

If you don’t take care of your mouth, there is a big tendency that it will develop plaque, cavities and eventually tooth decay.  To avoid this problem , dentists as well as our parent teaches us to brush our teeth many times in a day but is brushing just enough?

No, you also need to floss as well to use mouthwash to help strengthen those teeth and keep our mouth fresh all day long.

Here’s another fact about Swish Mouthwash :

swish breath fresh

Swish Breath Spray – instant fresh breath in 10 seconds!
Swish has 2 formats namely: mouthwash and breath spray to keep your breath fresh anytime and anywhere. Powered by SureFresh Technology, Swish doesn’t just cover up bad breath because it kills bad bacteria, prevents plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath. 
So, for that long lasting fresh breath make sure to always have Swish breath spray on your bag or pouch for that instant freshness wherever, whenever.