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Busy Moms guide on being fabulous

Now, that your a mother, our main priorities in life is our husband and our kids.  We oversee that they are well taken care and we embrace a new life with different roles. We become nutritionists who is responsible in taking care of the healthy needs of our family.  We wanted to ensure that they are having well-balanced food and the family is having a healthy living.  We are like educators, just like the saying goes, that the first education children learns are from their home especially on their parents.

As a mother, i strongly believe that it is important that we are having a great time with our children thus sometimes we take for granted that we also needs to look fabulous.  Having children to rear and love, we often take for granted our own life especially our fashion style and sense.  We just go through life doing the things we needed to do and never take the time to check in with ourselves to see how we are doing.

busy moms looking fabulous

Although, it is not our primary concern but being a mother does not mean that you will also forget your fashion style and just go with the flow.    It is not a good thing for others to see that your no longer a charmer anymore.  Although looks does not really matter , it is still very important even for busy moms to look beautiful and fabulous especially if your a working mom,  after all we don’t want to look like in our 40’s even if we are in our early 30’s.

Looking good and radiant is not just for our friends and family but also for our self. It is very important that we always retain that feeling of security and sexiness even with an excess bulge in our tummy or arms and legs.

To be chic and hip, we need to redesign not just our clothing but also make wiser choices on accessories.  You need to look in your closet and make sure that you have at least one of these Fabulous collections that you can wear when the needs arises.  Charm bracelets, necklaces and carriers are just some of the examples of accessories that i wished to have.

Whether it was traditional bracelets or custom made, charm bracelet like those created by Thomas Sabo is something worth having.   It doesn’t need to be fancy or very expensive because being fabulous is not about the price of what you wear.

rose quartz love knot charm

Remember that we should not take our selves for granted.  Be fabulous with this stylish accessories and treat yourself once in a while.

Fitness and Fashion Blogger = how much does it costs?

Inspired by the post created by Jennine Jacob for IFB, i said to myself, how much does it really cost for someone to be a fitness, fashion or just a general blogger?

There are many perks in blogging, some can be invited to attend events where they were able to meet and socialized with important people in the fitness and fashion industry.  Some companies offers different items for you to review and keep.  Some even offers paid advertisement.

Even if your not beautiful nor fashionable but if you have the desire and have the passion, i know you can inspire your readers to try the things you have done.

Being a niche blogger is not just writing the one that comes up in your mind.  To be effective on what your trying to review or write, you must at first know what you are really writing about.  It doesn’t necessarily says that you need to be rich or wealthy to be able to buy different clothes or beauty products for you to write on your blog to become a fashion blogger or beautiful if you want to be a beauty blogger or sexy to become a fitness blogger but it is also necessary that you actually have the knowledge or tried a certain product before introducing them to your readers.  Afterall, how can you say that a product is good or bad when you haven’t actually tried it for yourself.  You can’t be an authority on something if you haven’t experienced it.

So, how much would it really cost you?

computer for blogging

Computer or laptop:  Php. 20,000 + Some find laptops or netbooks to be reliable because you can just bring it anywhere and everywhere you go.  But for me, i have been using a pc for almost all my computer life.  I have been wanting to buy a laptop, with my old laptop breaking down, i guess, i have to save up again for one. Because you tend to save many pictures, you needed a bigger hard drive capacity.

DSLR camera

Camera:  Php. 30,000 + for a SLR / Php. 5,000+ for a point and shoot camera

Point and shoot or SLR :  Going to events, i have seen many bloggers using SLR. I guess, this is one of the investments you need to make if you wanted to become a serious fitness or fashion blogger.   SLR are indeed more beautiful and produce high end photos but it can cost thousands of pesos.  So, if your in a budget or just starting to be a blogger, it is always good to have a point and shoot camera.  Although, you can always felt that awkward feeling when you see other bloggers with their SLR.  Well, it is always my dream to have my own SLR , maybe someday when my finances will get better.

custom domain url

Custom Domain Name:  $13 + or Php. 600 + custom url is always a must if you wanted to have a name for yourself.  It is just like branding.  Starting a blog with free blogging forms is good but if you are aiming to be a serious blogger with a name of your own, you must have your own custom url.  Well, it is always up to you where you want to get your domain.  You can choose godaddy or name cheap for that. Before choosing your domain name, think carefully on what you wanted it to be because you could not change it anymore once you purchased them. Having a custom domain name is very important because some companies would only wish to advertise to those blog who have their own custom name.

Domain Hosting :  $ 100 a year or Php. 4,000.00 Now, that you have a custom domain name, you need a company to host it.  Go daddy offers hosting but there are lots of hosting company that offers great services with less down time. If you choose to get your domain name with , it was automatically hosted with google, so you don’t need to get another hosting for that.  But of course, having a blog with wordpress is a lot flexible because you can do many things with your blog and introduce different plugins.

Internet Connection:  Php. 1,000 + A computer and a blog without internet connection is just plain useless.  You could not just go to the nearby mall for you to upload a new post.  Although, it would be very frugal but it could cause you great problems especially if you are in a rush to do some posts.

Beauty and Fashion Products:  Varied price :  If your trying to build a serious and important reviews in your beauty or fashion blogs, you need products for that and sometimes, it can cost you a lot of money.  But the more you review, the more advertisers or company would see you as a reliable blogger.

To become a fitness and fashion blogger takes a lot of effort of looking good,

So, what do you think are the other things to help you become a fashion or fitness blogger? With that big amount of money needed to start a fitness and fashion blog, would you still want to be a fitness and fashion blogger?

Shock Therapy – how it can help reboot your life

Shock Therapy is a form of an aversion therapy, a psychiatric treatment  in which seizures are electrically induced in anaesthetized patients for therapeutic effect (Wiki).  It was usually used for patients with severe depression problems.  Having one doesn’t mean that your suffering with mental illness but it was long associated with patients in mental institutions.

The use of ECT or electroconvulsive therapy as it was called has already been debated for a long time ago, many believe that using this treatment is barbaric and a torture for human being.  The concept of electricity passing on your brain is very frightening and seeing someone having a seizure is totally  heartbreaking.

I remember the time that i visited a patient in one of our local institution and another patient suddenly goes wild and his family could not console him.  He was crying out loud and the doctor and nurses give him a shock therapy, seizure was the next thing that happened and he was now calmed and ready to sleep. I could not bear the sight of seeing those people, crying and helpless but learning from one of the doctors that this kind of treatment was used not just to calm them but for them to be back on their own self again.

I don’t know how long will it last or if this guy has been able to cope up with his problem.  He was very young but in his eyes, i see a life that was lost in time. There, i understand that love can somehow give you happiness and can even cause you so much suffering and because he could not cope with the heartbreak, he become someone who lost the will to live.

But the use of ECT has been very popular in the states, these treatment was used for those who are suffering with severe depression, Schizophrenia or even truancy.  Many people suffering from depression who have tried antidepressant but failed to treat their depression resorted in this kind of treatment and manifested and reported that they have found significant result for them to even prevent suicide attempt.

Many people and agency condemned this kind of treatment and people who have experienced this documented that memory loss was one of the actual worst side effect one can suffer.  Common side effects like headaches, confusion and nausea, soreness can be felt overtime or for days but can be relieved with medications.  But still, others find ECT to be a short term result and the long term problems associating the use of shock therapy is still alarming, especially the cognitive problems that one may encounter during their lifetime and can cause permanent brain damage.  Facts shows that some felt this kind of treatment is devastating and truly traumatic but some manifested that it was a blessing because they were able to live a normal life again.

Movies like “one flew over the cuckoos nest” of Jack Nicholson shown in 1975 shows how medical practitioners used shock therapy to torture patients.  Mad Men and Homeland ( both a  television series)  deals with ECT. Even with the famous movie, Shutter Island, one scene shows how mentally ill patient undergone shock therapy.

Whether this kind of treatment can be a relief or eventually can bring forth worst problems, the actual procedure is somehow traumatic for me.  I believe that medical practitioner know what they were doing, but seeing this procedure with your own eyes can somehow gives you the feeling that you are the one suffering the seizures.

Famous hollywood actors and actresses like Carrie Fisher, Vivien Leigh, Yves Saint Laurent, Judy Garland and even the famous american novelist, Ernest Hemingway had undergone shock treatment to battle their severe depression and openly talked about how it help or worsen their lives.

I have suffered depression and anxiety in my life and there were days that i was lost and thought of giving up  my life but it never occurred to me even once to try this treatment (maybe for the same reason that i have seen how it works .  Maybe, i am also afraid that after i wake up i will forget who I was and the people around me.

If it was you, would you try this shock therapy?

Stylish in Red – San San Nail Polish Review

Stylish Red

I always love having my nails done with beautiful nail polish color.  It’s one part of my body that i so like the most. Well, for some obvious reason, because i can make them long and change the color of my nails on whatever my mood is.

Stylish in Red

 Although, I know how to clean and put some nail polish on my nails, i still prefer  someone doing it for me.  Because, it can make me relax for a while and even sleep for a minute.  Although, it is not advisable to have your nails polished on a weekly basis (because it can lose the nutrients and it can become yellow when polished often).

I’m not particular in nail polish, although I have some favorites, i love playing with different colors and nail arts for sometime. Now a day, i rarely use red in my nails because of my present work in the judiciary especially when i have a duty.  But red is one of my fave color because of it looks really regal, bold and stylish.

San San nail polish is just as beautiful to the nails, it’s easy to apply and the most important part is it’s very affordable. You can buy them on your nearest local HBC store.

 Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion and did not intend to harm or promote any brand or company.

Free Mimi Skin Care Sample

All natural skin care

Who doesn’t love freebies?  I so love them that even this website name is dedicated to freebie finds.  Another great freebie for every mom is this Mimi Skin care products which includes sample pack of their four skin care products.

Our sample pack is great way to try a range Ma Mi Skin Care products and take the first step to glowing skin! Packed in a little green sachel, it also makes for a great skin care travel pack! Each sample pack includes our Reawaken Cleanser, Glycolic Exfoliator, Nightshift Eye Serum and Satiated Moisturizer.

No Toxins
No Parabens
No Filters
No Petrolatums
No Sodium Laureth

Whenever, i heard the word, “natural”, it always caught my attention.  I wanted to try this one and see for myself the beauty it can offer.   It’s easy to get the sample, just click the picture to get on their facebook page.  (Remember, you need to be a fan to get one)  Don’t worry, this is not an affiliate link :0

Freebies from the Fairy Hobmother

Each of us has a story to tell.  That’s what good to have a site to share what you have in your mind.  When I talk, i realize that I am not just talking to myself now but many readers from all ages are reading on every words i say.  From the prospective view of a contest junkie, you could just imagine my feelings when i received good news from the web and one thing is for sure, i always wanted to share that wonderful feelings to my readers.

That’s why, when I have heard that the Fairy Hobmother is giving great freebies all over the net, i wished and longingly desires to have them too. Who would not want to have a new appliance perhaps. I have been eyeing a new dishwasher, or a colorful fridge perfect for my kitchen.

 Now, that my perseverance pays off, i wanted for you to see that when you believe, everything is possible.

There are only few things that are free in this world.  Getting fit takes time, fashion can be expensive but getting freebies especially from the Fairy Hobmother is one of the greatest thing in this world.

Fairy Hobmother

Now, that you have patiently read my post from beginning to end.  Why not, write your own thoughts on the comment box and tell me what would you want to receive from the Fairy Hobmother.  You could be as lucky as me because just like you, he is a very good reader and he blessed those who read.